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Teacher Walls

Our school teacher wall creates modern teaching spaces for both teachers and students. We can build teacher walls to the specific requirements of any classroom, creating a learning and teaching experience for the 21st century.

Smart Classroom Storage

Teaching Wall

Combining whiteboards and interactive screens, a teaching wall provides a focus for the classroom. Add in bundles of storage – make some lockable, and most teachers will agree this concept is ideal for virtually any subject. APMG’s most popular design has sliding doors in the centre that open to reveal space for the screen or interactive whiteboard. Moreover, the doors themselves are finished in whiteboard laminate.

We are often told that there’s never enough storage in a classroom. With our teaching walls, there’s more than enough. We pack them with smart storage solutions. As a result, there is no excuse for untidy areas or distracting mess. And teachers can keep items stowed neatly out of sight yet still close to hand.

Typically, we supply the lower storage cupboards as lockable. These can be fitted with a wide range of racks, trays, drawers or any other storage required for a clutter-free classroom.

School Teacher Walls

Not only can we engineer space for screens, interactive whiteboards, lockable integrated storage, shelving, and tray racks. In addition, we can incorporate smart storage into your teacher’s wall. With our in-house plastic fabrication and professional CNC machining, we can make whatever you need. Whether it’s flask trays, retort stand and Bunsen burner storage inserts, or something completely bespoke, just ask us. We love a challenge – draw it and our time-served craftsmen will make it at our Manchester factory.

We’re happy to supply teaching walls as part of a full room refurbishment or simply on their own as required. Give us a call to find out more.

School teaching wall installed at Bromley High School GDST
Colourful Teaching Wall installed at Brockwell Junior School in Chesterfield

The Advantages of Teaching Walls

APMG’s Innovative Solutions

Teaching storage walls, also known as teacher walls, have emerged as indispensable tools in modern educational settings, providing teachers with a multifaceted tool for teaching and students with a distraction-free learning environment. Among the leading innovators in this field is APMG, a company with decades of experience designing educational spaces for schools.

Teacher Wall FAQs

Please see the most commonly asked questions regarding classroom teaching walls.

What is a teaching wall?

A teaching wall is a versatile, integrated solution that combines various educational elements into a cohesive unit. It typically includes a large interactive screen, sometimes with sliding panels, and ample storage space, creating an efficient and organised instructional environment. These walls are designed to get teachers away from the traditional teacher desks and streamline the teaching process, providing teachers with easy access to essential materials while enhancing the overall learning experience for students.

Teaching walls are suitable for all age ranges, from reception to sixth form, and can be as simple or complex as required.

What’s the difference between teaching walls and teacher walls

In essence, there is no distinction between the terms – teaching walls and teacher walls represent the same fantastic resource. These solutions keep everything at hand for teachers while enabling students to concentrate on their learning.

What’s the difference between teaching walls and storage walls

While storage walls offer ample space for organising teaching materials, teaching walls take it a step further by incorporating interactive screens and often sliding panels.

When incorporating sliding panels to cover the interactive screen, they can be manufactured to match the drawer fronts and cabinet doors of the classroom furniture. They can also be manufactured from whiteboard material for an extra resource needing no added space.

Including these features transforms the teaching wall into a dynamic hub that supports both traditional teaching methods and modern, technology-driven approaches. APMG’s teaching walls are engineered to balance functionality with aesthetics, creating an engaging and effective educational space.

Teaching Walls Configurations and Features

APMG’s innovative teaching walls are available in various configurations to suit classroom layouts. These configurations may include different combinations of interactive screens, sliding panels, and storage solutions, allowing educators to customise their teaching environment based on their unique needs.

The provision of storage is key to an uncluttered learning environment, leaving students free to concentrate on the subject with fewer distractions. APMG designs can include lockable integrated storage, shelving, and plastic tray racks. In addition, with in-house plastic fabrication and professional CNC machining, it can incorporate smart storage into teaching walls. Flask trays, inserts for retort stands or Bunsen burners, or something completely bespoke, just ask.

For example, Bromley GDST wanted a reading nook in one of their Reception teaching walls and the design team was happy to oblige!

One notable feature of APMG’s teaching walls is the use of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The company’s commitment to providing teachers with the tools they need is evident in the meticulous design process that considers the evolving needs of modern classrooms.

Bespoke teacher wall installed at Bromley HIgh School GDST in London
Simple teaching wall installed in school science lab

Decades of Experience

APMG’s experience in educational design spans decades, making it a trusted partner for schools seeking to enhance their learning spaces. The company’s continuous innovation and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of educators have solidified its reputation as a leader in the field of teaching walls. In addition, our designers can translate clients’ drawings into plans, and our time-served craftsmen will make it at APMG’s Manchester factory.

An Invaluable Resource

Teaching walls have become essential elements in modern classrooms, seamlessly integrating technology, storage, and instructional space. APMG’s teaching walls, with their various configurations, durable materials, and decades of experience, exemplify innovation in educational design. By investing in these teaching walls, schools can create dynamic learning environments that cater to the diverse needs of both teachers and students, fostering a more engaging and effective educational experience.

APMG supplies teaching walls as part of comprehensive room refurbishments or standalone solutions. Contact our friendly team to learn more about optimising your learning space with APMG’s teaching walls.

Simple teaching wall installed in junior school
Teaching wall install at Fulford School

What Our Customers Say…

“Our teaching staff are very pleased with their new classrooms and the amount of storage the APMG designers were able to provide. The teaching walls are a hit with both our students and our teachers. The teachers love the ease of use of the sliding whiteboards and the huge amount of shelving and cupboard space which even they are struggling to fill! And our students enjoy learning in a bright, clutter-free environment.”

Gary Hennigan, School Business Manager, Fulford School

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