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Laboratory Furniture Manufacturers

APMG’s 2900 m2 factory is equipped with modern machinery to manufacture high-quality, long lasting furniture for commercial and educational settings.

Our Manufacture Process

Lab Furniture Manufacturers

We have a skilled workforce of experienced, time-served craftsmen. Our teams take great pride in the standard of their work.

In addition to CNC routering, cutting and edge-banding, we also have our own in-house plastic fabrication, steelwork and powder coating departments.

Why Manufacture In-House?

When so many furniture companies outsource parts of their production, why does APMG keep its processes in-house? In-house manufacturing gives us a number of benefits:

We maintain full quality control over every item that leaves the factory.

It gives us the ability to flex our production to meet the most demanding of deadlines.

And because we make our own products, we can easily produce bespoke items. Non-standard cupboard sizes, specialist drawer inners, customised display units, colour-matched steelwork – we have the in-house technical and engineering expertise to offer these at surprisingly low cost.

The Future of UK Manufacturing

APMG has been in the manufacturing business for over 80 years. However, we don’t just rely on a reputation built over decades – we’re investing in the future too. APMG’s 2900 m2 factory is equipped with modern machinery to manufacture the very best, high-quality, long-lasting furniture for commercial and educational settings.

As well as furniture manufacture, we have our own in-house Powder Coating, Steel Fabrication and Plastic Fabrication departments, so only professionally finished, quality-checked products leave our doors.

In addition, our apprenticeship scheme ensures the skills of our trained and experienced craftspeople are being transferred to the next generation of manufacturing specialists.

We’d be delighted to welcome you to our manufacturing facility to showcase what we can do for your project. Just call us to arrange a visit, take our factory tour and meet the team.

Plastic Fabrication

APMG Plastic is a subdivision of APMG which specialises in plastic fabrication. All our plastic fabrication is done right here in our factory in Manchester. Using our expertise we have value-engineered our processes while maintaining the high standard of workmanship we’re known for.

Fume Cupboards

To complement our high-quality laboratory furniture, APMG also manufactures a comprehensive range of BS EN 14175 compliant fume cupboards, all fully engineered for smooth airflow and efficient purging of fumes.

Let’s Talk

If you’re looking for high-quality commercial or education laboratory furniture, you’re in the right place. Our friendly, helpful team is here to assist with your enquiry.