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Integrated Plumbing Systems

Our Integrated Plumbing Systems are tailored to suit a wide range of applications for science labs, food tech cookery classrooms, art rooms and Design Tech.

Integrated Plumbing System

EN200 certified

Laboratory IPS Units

APMG has designed and manufactured hundreds of its cost-effective and durable Integrated Plumbing systems (IPS Units) for clinical and laboratory settings. These made-to-measure units have been successfully installed in hospitals, universities and labs across the UK.

Designed to Fit

As we design to suit your space, the units can be manufactured and supplied to meet virtually any size and height requirement. Similarly, they can have several sanitaryware and plumbing configurations, and as many access panels as required for your purposes.

The IPS Units are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to complement internal decor.

IPS Construction

The IPS units can be made from three different grades of material for different applications and bugets:

  • Tough all-Trespa® construction is the premium quality unit, ideal for areas that will need to be regularly deep cleaned or fumigated, and resistant to moisture ingress.
  • Melamine faced MDF is suited to most heavy cleaning regimes and will withstand humidity.
  • Laminate faced MDF is a value range which is perfectly adequate for most areas but may not be as long-lasting as our other options.

Our friendly team of experienced designers can advise on the best option for your application.

Intergrated Plumbing System in School

Easy Clean IPS Units

The IPS access panels fit flush to minimise dirt traps and allow best practice cleaning for hospital wards, doctors’ surgeries, laboratories, and washrooms.

What is an IPS?

IPS stands for Integrated Plumbing System. It is, in fact, a self-contained handwash station which can be easily installed in laboratory, medical and healthcare environments.

An IPS unit is typically constructed from composite panels with internal strengthening ribs. It always incorporates a hand basin, and usually a soap dispenser and a paper towel dispenser or hand drier. The panels conceal pipework and any electrical cables while offering easy access for maintenance and plumbing.

Let’s Talk

Contact us for advice about the correct materials for each application, for sizes, technical specifications, and design options.