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Laboratory Furniture

Create the perfect environment for researching, innovating, learning or teaching with APMG’s wide range of laboratory furniture.

APMG are a market leader in Laboratory Furniture and associated products and services.


Furniture for Laboratories

Welcome to APMG, your premier destination for industry-leading laboratory furniture. We are a UK-based designer and manufacturer of superior quality lab furniture, specialised for various scientific, educational, and commercial applications.

Hard-Wearing Lab Furniture

At APMG Plastics, we are committed to using only the finest materials like Trespa TopLab®PLUS and TopLab®BASE in our manufacturing process. With our extensive experience and deep industry knowledge, we discern which materials best align with various applications, ensuring our final products boast superior quality.

In contrast to many furniture manufacturers, we incorporate larger and thicker steel sections into our construction. This unique approach empowers our steelwork with unrivalled strength and longevity, setting industry-leading benchmarks. It also significantly enhances the load-bearing capacity of our tables and benches, making them an investment that stands the test of time.

Why Choose our Lab Furniture?

We bring eight decades of experience manufacturing high-quality laboratory furniture, blending traditional craftsmanship with the latest technological advancements to deliver durable, efficient, and ergonomic solutions. Our commitment to outstanding design, excellent customer service, and a deep understanding of our client’s unique needs sets us apart.

Every piece of furniture we manufacture at our Manchester facility is a testament to our dedication to quality and meticulous attention to detail. We ensure seamless project delivery, adhering strictly to the specified timeframe and budget.
With APMG, you’re not just buying furniture but gaining access to industry experience. We’ve been part of countless research breakthroughs, new technological applications, and inspiring educational environments. This diverse experience fuels our continuous improvement, helping us create furniture that meets your needs.

We bring eight decades of experience manufacturing high-quality laboratory furniture.

Lab Furniture Company

Architects, consultants, builders, estate managers, scientists, and researchers, our team keeps everyone engaged and informed. We work closely with you to manage your project to time and budget.

01 Lab Furniture Design

Laboratory Furniture Design

APMG’s highly-skilled designers are fluent in 3D CAD modelling. We can integrate systems and services into your building design using REVIT software for data-rich BIM-compatible modelling.

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02 Lab Furniture Manufuring

Laboratory Furniture Manufacturing

We manufacture all our lab and school furniture, fume cupboards, fans, and scrubbers in-house. With complete quality control over every item that leaves our factory, we can flex our production to meet the most demanding deadlines.

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03 Lab Furniture Installations

Laboratory Furniture Installation

Our teams travel across the country to ensure our carefully crafted laboratories and classrooms get the level of installation they deserve. We turn up on time, fit professionally, and complete within the specified time frame.

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APMG is committed to facilitating inclusivity in every aspect of laboratory furniture.

Adjustable Height Lab Furniture

APMG is committed to facilitating inclusivity in every aspect of laboratory operations, manifesting in our high-quality, height-adjustable laboratory furniture offerings. Our advanced designs provide flexibility and comfort to all users, accommodating diverse needs and ensuring that your lab environment is accessible and functional for everyone.
Our exhaustive range is in various sizes, meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly into modern laboratory settings. Whether you require more accommodating workstations for different tasks or need to adapt to the varying physical requirements of your team members, APMG’s height-adjustable lab furniture is the perfect solution.
By ensuring the comfort and convenience of your team, you enhance productivity and encourage a more harmonious working environment.

Our bespoke solutions are more than just furniture; they are an investment in your laboratory’s future and a commitment to fostering an inclusive work culture. Choose APMG for lab furniture that adapts to you, not the other way around.

Lab Furniture FAQs

Please see a selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding our lab furniture.

What industries do you cater to with your lab furniture?

At APMG, we provide top-tier laboratory furniture solutions for various sectors. Our diverse client base includes, but is not limited to, the following industries:

Education: From primary schools to universities, we design lab furniture that facilitates learning and sparks scientific curiosity. Our products are designed to be safe, durable, and versatile, perfect for the dynamic needs of educational institutions.

Healthcare: We understand the importance of hygiene, durability, and efficiency in the healthcare sector. Whether for a clinical lab or a research hospital, we design and manufacture furniture that meets stringent cleanliness standards.

Commercial: Many companies trust our laboratory furniture, from food and beverage producers to cosmetics companies. We ensure our designs facilitate optimal workflow and adhere to industry-specific regulations.

Research and Development: Our cutting-edge lab furniture aids scientists, engineers, and researchers in various fields, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, chemistry, and new material sciences. We create conducive environments for groundbreaking research and discoveries.

Pharmaceutical: We offer customised lab furniture solutions to pharmaceutical companies, providing the necessary environment for drug development, quality control, and other crucial processes.

Industrial: In industrial laboratories used for quality control, material testing, or product development, our sturdy, durable furniture withstands heavy use and harsh conditions.

Government and Non-Profit: We work with government agencies and non-profit organisations, providing cost-effective, durable lab furniture for environmental, public health, and other types of labs.

Do you offer customised lab furniture solutions?

Yes! We recognise that each laboratory has specific requirements based on the nature of its operations, layout, and user preferences. We offer fully customised lab furniture solutions to ensure your laboratory is as functional, efficient, and safe as possible.

Our design team, backed by extensive experience and state-of-the-art 3D CAD modelling, will work closely with you to create a laboratory setup that precisely fits your specifications. From individual pieces such as benches, storage units, worktops, taps, sinks, and service pedestals to comprehensive lab layouts, we ensure every piece of furniture serves a purpose and enhances your lab’s functionality.

Not only can we tailor the dimensions of your laboratory furniture, but we can also customise their materials based on your lab’s specific needs. For instance, for labs dealing with corrosive substances, we can recommend materials like Trespa TopLab®PLUS and TopLab®BASE, known for their chemical resistance.

Do you handle the installation of the lab furniture?

Yes, we offer a full suite of services, from the initial design and manufacture to the final installation of the lab furniture. Proper installation is crucial for lab furniture’s optimal functionality, safety, and durability, so we have a dedicated team of professionals to manage this process.

Our installation teams are highly skilled and well-equipped to ensure a smooth, precise, and efficient installation process. They travel across the country, ensuring that our meticulously crafted pieces reach their destination and are perfectly installed. Whether it’s a complex lab setup or a single piece of furniture, our teams ensure it is installed correctly, securely, and following all relevant safety standards.

What kind of after-sales support do you offer?

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products and comprehensive after-sales support to ensure the longevity, safety, and optimal performance of our laboratory furniture. 

Our after-sales services include;

Customer Service: Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist with any queries or issues regarding our lab furniture. We aim to respond to all queries promptly and efficiently, providing clear, helpful advice.

Maintenance and Repair: We offer maintenance services to ensure our lab furniture’s prolonged lifespan and function. Should you experience any problems, our skilled technicians are ready to repair or service the furniture as needed.

Parts Replacement: Should any part of your lab furniture require replacement, we supply authentic, high-quality parts to ensure the longevity and performance of your products.

Product Training: We offer product training sessions to help you maximise the use of our lab furniture. These can help your staff understand the features of our products, proper usage and care, leading to enhanced performance and durability.

Updates and Information: We keep our clients informed about any relevant product updates, new releases, or any important information that may affect their experience with our products.


What sets APMG apart from other lab furniture providers?

Several distinctive factors set APMG apart from other laboratory furniture providers;

Experience and Expertise: With over 80 years in the industry, APMG has a wealth of experience manufacturing laboratory furniture for various applications. We’ve developed deep expertise, which we leverage to deliver solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.

Quality Assurance: We manufacture all our products in-house, ensuring complete quality control over every item. Each piece of furniture we produce meets the highest industry standards, crafted with meticulous attention to detail by our skilled teams.

Bespoke Solutions: We understand that each client has unique needs and requirements. Our design team excels in creating bespoke, ergonomic solutions tailored specifically to each client, whether a single fume cupboard or a full laboratory fit-out.

Comprehensive Services: Beyond the provision of lab furniture, APMG offers an array of services, including professional installation and robust after-sales support. We take the worry out of your project, ensuring every aspect is delivered on time, within budget, and as per the brief.

Innovation and Progress: We’ve consistently invested in training our teams and updating our design software and manufacturing equipment to stay at the forefront of the industry. We continually strive to enhance our products and services, incorporating fresh ideas from our talented team members.

Wide Industry Coverage: APMG caters to a broad spectrum of sectors, including education, commercial, industrial, research, and scientific fields. Our labs and classrooms have inspired future generations across the country and beyond, while our commercial labs have facilitated numerous scientific and industrial breakthroughs.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: Our focus on communication, collaboration, and dedication to customer satisfaction ensures that we deliver resilient solutions that exceed client expectations.

What are the key features and benefits?

Quality Construction: Our laboratory furniture is built to withstand the rigours of scientific environments, featuring high-grade materials for longevity and performance.
Customised Solutions: From standalone fume cupboards to comprehensive laboratory fit-outs, we deliver bespoke solutions tailored to your needs.
Innovative Design: Our expert design team employs cutting-edge CAD software to create functional, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing designs.
Professional Installation: Our skilled installation teams ensure your laboratory furniture is set up correctly, maximising longevity and functionality.
Exceptional After-Sales Support: We’re committed to providing excellent support after your purchase, ensuring your furniture continues to serve you well.

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