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Extensive Range

Laboratory Taps

APMG has an extensive range of laboratory water taps and taps for science labs, food tech cookery classrooms, art rooms and Design Tech.

EN200 certified

Laboratory Water Taps

Please note we only sell lab taps and classroom taps as part of our lab furniture and school furniture packages. If you simply require taps, please speak to a tap supplier or manufacturer.

The lab taps we supply are certified by all relevant water authorities including EN 200 & the Water Research Council. We offer pillar, swan-neck, single and mixer styles in a selection of configurations and heights. Our lab taps are available as hand wheel, wrist action and elbow lever-operated units.

Our laboratory water taps are available in a white finish as standard, with optional satin or polished chrome and polished nickel finishes. All have a clear epoxy coating. Please contact us for details.

Our standard range of laboratory taps is robust enough for typical school use. In addition, we offer a very heavy-duty range of anti-vandal designs for use in extreme environments.

What Type of Lab Tap Do I Need?

There are taps designed to meet the needs of different applications. In addition, these taps will come with different handles and in different styles, sizes and finishes.

Single Lab Taps

Single Lab Taps are for either hot or cold water.

Mixer Lab Taps

Mixer Lab Taps combine hot and cold water, providing the required water temperature to perfectly suit your needs.

Pillar Bib Lab Taps

Pillar Bib Lab Taps have the handle on top, with the nozzle outlet behind it and can be single or mixer.

Swan Neck Lab Taps

Swan Neck Lab Taps feature the nozzle outlet at the top with the handle at the base and can be single or mixer.

Special Water Pillar Lab Taps

Special Water Pillar Lab Taps are for labs using pure water and recirculating pure water.

Let’s Talk

Contact us for advice about the correct materials for each application, for sizes, technical specifications, and design options.