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APMG Lab Furniture for Breakthrough Cancer ‘Liquid Biopsy’ Company

APMG lab furniture systems bring function and organisation to research, development, and analysis laboratories, so operators can bring concentration and innovation. APMG’s design, manufacture and installation service offers bespoke storage to keep surfaces clutter-free; future-proofs evolving workflows with flexible mobile options; and develops creative solutions to make the most of awkward spaces.

The Project

ABC Group has fully refurbished and repurposed an existing building on Guildford’s Surrey Research Park for Angle Plc, an organisation making advances in rare cell diagnostics. With a track record of successfully completing several lab furniture installations for ABC, APMG has supplied and fitted the high-quality lab furniture for this project.

Liquid Biopsy

Angle Plc has developed technology which allows the isolation of rare Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs). These cells contain information on the type of disease, helping to define personalised care decisions and targeted drug therapies for patients. The presence and quantity of CTCs can also be indicative of patient prognosis. In addition, they are very likely to be the route by which primary tumours spread around the body resulting in metastatic disease.

Angle has developed a system to capture and harvest CTCs from patient blood. This means that a simple blood test could be used to provide crucial medical information regarding the status of a patient’s disease.

The Lab Furniture

In addition to the main laboratory, a Dark Room and a Manufacturing Room were also completed with fitted furniture ideal for their purposes.

The main lab has been designed to encourage accuracy and efficiency in a safe and productive environment. The tough cantilever perimeter and peninsula benching make the most of the available space.

Flexibility has been incorporated with mobile tables and moveable bespoke cabinets. Some of the mobile tables have electrical services on a quick release fitting below the worktop, so the space can be easily reconfigured without disruption.

Angle asked for tailored storage so its team had everything needed close to hand and neatly organised. APMG’s designers created custom mobile cabinets with two-thirds shelving and one-third trays which is ideal for their equipment.

Smart Lab Shelving

Reagent shelving provides convenient storage, keeps services safely away from the worktop, and does not restrict interaction between team members. In the main lab and manufacturing room, the double reagent shelving with a service spine under the intermediate shelf does all of this, keeping the work surface clear.

In the dark room, height adjustable, wall-mounted spur shelving has been fitted. Offering a large amount of storage, this cost-effective option adds flexibility and can accommodate items of varying sizes.

Trespa® TopLab®PLUS Lab Worktops

APMG’s design team selected durable Trespa® TopLab®PLUS for this lab. Ideal for demanding laboratory environments, it withstands most aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents, does not support bacterial growth, and displays superior impact, scratch, and wear resistance. Link to Worktops page.

Professional Lab Furniture Installation

The lab furniture was expertly fitted by APMG’s professional installation team. Their full joinery skills are on display in the processing area in the main lab. Here the design optimises an awkwardly shaped space, and the neat installation brings to life our designer’s vision.

What our client has to say…

“ABC Group is a multi-skilled firm that delivers the highest-quality construction, civil engineering, and maintenance projects across the UK.

“We have worked with APMG on several projects now and have a great working relationship with both the design and installation team. The furniture is of the highest quality and our clients are never disappointed with the final product.”

Josh Smeeth, ABC Group

What our design team has to say…

“Every lab furniture project is a challenge to get absolutely right – we don’t want to just provide a lab, it’s really important to us to design the ideal lab which is perfect for the people who’ll work in it. We believe this personalised approach sets us apart.

“We regularly work with organisations which are pushing the boundaries of medical research and vaccine development. It’s particularly rewarding to design for projects where the work undertaken is changing, and often saving, lives. The whole team gets a buzz from seeing the finished lab and knowing we have contributed in a very small way to the work being done there.”

Chris Brown, Furniture Division Director, APMG Ltd