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Quality APMG Lab Furniture for University’s Royal Award

APMG has completed the laboratory furniture for a prestigious project at the University of Liverpool. The practical, bespoke lab furniture forms the foundation of the state-of-the-art Regius Laboratory for Synthetic Chemistry. The new Regius Chair, Professor John Bower, and his team in the Bower Research Group, are undertaking pioneering research using APMG’s tough, ergonomic furniture.

Tough Lab Furniture for the Regius Chair

As part of the Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations, the University of Liverpool was awarded a rare and respected Regius Chair. Only 26 Regius Chairs have been bestowed since the reign of Queen Victoria. The granting of this accolade recognises the university’s exceptionally high-quality teaching and research in Chemistry.

To welcome the new Regius Professor and his team, the university has commissioned a cutting-edge laboratory and ancillary areas. Built to last with top quality materials, the space has been future-proofed with a mix of APMG’s high-quality fixed and mobile lab furniture.

Ergonomic Lab Benching

The lab has four main bays. Long-lasting Trespa® TopLab®PLUS worktops have been fitted to the central and perimeter c-frame benching in each bay. This hard-wearing material is ideal for Chemistry environments where hygiene, avoidance of contamination and resistance to most aggressive chemicals are key.

Every bay has a freestanding balance bench station at the entrance. Because it is a separate unit it restricts vibration, allowing the use of precision instruments such as scales. Each of these stations has integral chemical safety cabinets supplied by APMG.

The spine running along the central benching provides a platform for the computer monitors and safely houses the electrical services.

The tough, functional sink units are MDF construction. To provide a completely seamless surface, the epoxy resin sinks and drainers are fully moulded.

Industry-Leading Steel Strength

APMG has its own steel department. As a result of this in-house facility, quality can be strictly monitored and designs can easily be upgraded to stronger steel where necessary.

The freestanding balance units in the lab support heavy, sensitive apparatus. To accommodate this, they were manufactured with heavy gauge 60 mm x 40 mm RHS (rectangular hollow section) mild steel frames.

An ancillary area houses loose tables that can be stripped down and relocated, reconfiguring the lab as needed. These tables benefit from 40 mm x 40 mm SHS (square hollow section) heavy-duty steel frames, making them ideal for heavy equipment.

Height Adjustable Lab Furniture

The lab incorporates a height-adjustable table, adjacent to the DDA Accessible fume cupboard. These tables are ideal for wheelchair access or for those with restricted mobility.

APMG manufactures both motorised and manual self-winding tables to offer access to all students and researchers.

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What our client has to say…

“The tough, ergonomic APMG lab furniture provides an inspirational and functional environment”

‘The University of Liverpool is honoured to have been awarded a Regius Chair professorship. It recognises the many years of hard work that have gone into delivering excellence in teaching and research.

‘This building project has been subject to changing schedules and throughout APMG has been a professional, flexible and helpful part of the construction team. We’re delighted with the quality of the furniture and finish.

‘The tough, ergonomic APMG lab furniture provides an inspirational and functional environment for some of the brightest scientific minds to undertake their research.’

Sean Croft, Project Manager, University of Liverpool