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APMG’s Laboratory Furniture – Fit for a Castle

When Canada’s Queen’s University was looking for a professional, customer-focused company to manufacture and install high-quality university lab furniture, fume cupboards, fans and ductwork for its prestigious UK campus, APMG’s one-stop solution proved perfect.

The Bader International Study Centre (BISC), located in Herstmonceaux Castle, East Sussex, is a fusion of history and innovation. International students can choose to spend part of their foundation year living and studying in this picturesque 15th century castle.

University Science Lab Furniture

High-quality materials, partnership working and attention to detail have brought this lab to life. APMG has designed, manufactured and installed:

University Lab Excellence

The setting may be idyllic, however, the focus is on developing students who are prepared to lead in the 21st century.  The new science facility needed to be high-quality, tough, attractive and ergonomic – a learning environment designed for excellence. The university lab spaces had to accommodate hands-on learning.

Representatives of the BISC, AED Architects and the main contractor, Pilbeam Construction, met with APMG on several occasions. APMG has successfully completed numerous projects with Pilbeam. Due to this excellent working relationship, Pilbeam introduced APMG to BISC.

The strong product portfolio, UK-based manufacture, responsive communication and ability to offer everything required in one hassle-free package, made APMG the ideal partner.

The lab, prep room, analytical room and maker space area have been designed to be positive, productive, resilient spaces. Here students can learn, be creative, and interact with teachers and peers.

Wet Lab Furniture

The main laboratory area offers students a wet lab environment perfect for Chemistry, Physics and Biology studies. A light, the contrasting colour palette makes the area bright and clinical, enabling students to focus on their studies. The pendent services are located in the reagent shelving, keeping work surfaces clear.

Employing its experience with university lab furniture design, the APMG team created a selection of differently configured mobile cupboard and drawer units. This smart storage is easy to relocate wherever it’s needed. Voila – flexible lab space.

The three Airform fume cupboards APMG has installed allow the safe handling of chemicals and conducting of experiments. APMG also designed, manufactured and fitted the extract system that efficiently removes any toxic or harmful fumes, dust and gases.

The Maker Space

In the creative maker space, students can use a variety of tools and apparatus. The purpose is to design and make project-based items from electronics to furniture.

The bank of strong, steel-framed workstations benefits from sustainably sourced beech worktops and under shelves. These have been designed to easily support the weight of specialist equipment.

The hard-wearing lab benching has scratch-resistant Trespa® work surfaces. The Trespa® also forms the tops of the mobile cupboards in this area, multi-purposing them as moveable workstations to optimise the students’ working area.

Enhanced Access Benches

Both the main lab and the maker space are equipped with a rise and fall bench complete with services. This DDA furniture offers equality of access to equipment for wheelchair users.

The Prep Rooms

The prep room and analytical room are adjacent to the main lab.

The prep room has been cleverly designed to optimise the space available for the preparation of chemicals. There are lockable steel cupboards and plenty of glass-fronted shelving for safe and secure storage.

The analytical room is fitted out as a clean area for microscope work and spectroscopy.

High-Quality Materials

Adding an extra level of quality and durability, a combination of  Trespa® TopLab®PLUS and Trespa® TopLab®BASE  was specified throughout for the laboratory worktops, cupboard doors, drawer fronts and end panels.

Trespa® TopLab®BASE is a robust, wear resistant surface. It’s perfect for applications where severe use and frequent cleaning is anticipated but the chemical resistance of the surface is not critical. Trespa® TopLab®PLUS also features inherent antibacterial properties and high resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals.

The BISC science facility is designed to last. It will enhance productivity and make team members and students feel valued for years to come.

APMG’s furniture, fume cupboards, fans and ducting bring the project to life. It’s a learning and teaching environment that fully reflects the value the BISC places on education.

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