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Lab Furniture for Japanese Enzyme Manufacturer’s EMEA HQ

APMG lab furniture systems bring function and organisation to research, development, and analysis laboratories so that operators can bring concentration and innovation. APMG’s design, manufacture and installation service offers bespoke storage to keep surfaces clutter-free; future-proofs evolving workflows with flexible mobile options; and develops creative solutions to make the most of awkward spaces.

End User – Amano Enzyme Inc., a major speciality enzyme manufacturer. Its products are used to boost the flavour, texture, colour, digestion and nutritional profiles of food products.

Main Contractor – Total Projects Ltd., a leading UK construction, design and fit-out specialist for contemporary office and laboratory projects.

Location – Milton Park, a science, technology and business community in Oxfordshire, UK.

The Brief

Amano’s new premises at Milton Park will oversee all its EMEA operations. The laboratory, comprising cutting-edge R&D equipment, will enable the company to expand into strategic focus areas, such as plant-based food and drinks.

The Lab Furniture Solution

APMG’s creative design team has access to skilled manufacturing craftspeople and state-of-the-art equipment housed in its facility in Manchester. This professional infrastructure gives them the freedom to create innovative solutions to fulfil their clients’ vision.

Amano’s laboratory furniture was made to the high-quality standard APMG consistently delivers. Both the main contractor and the end user were delighted with the result.

Lab Benching

APMG advised using Trespa® TopLab®PLUS worksurfaces for the lab furniture. TopLab®PLUS is ideally suited to Amano’s work with enzymes because it does not support bacterial growth, helps to avoid contamination, and easily withstands cleaning agents. 

To make the most of the available space, the lab has a mix of perimeter and island benching.  The main island benching features reagent shelving, and the two pedestal island benches have electrical boxes and integrated storage.

The tough lab benching with shelving benefits from the added strength of heavy gauge steel support frames to increase its load-bearing capacity. Heavy equipment can be placed on it at any point and also moved around the benching without compromising the bench structure’s integrity.

Mobile cabinets with drawers offer extra storage, and the flexibility to be moved around the lab as required. In addition, they are simple to move for cleaning purposes.

Glass Fronted Reagent Shelving

To meet the client’s requirement for easy access storage, the APMG designers created reagent shelving with back-to-back glazed units. Each unit features sliding doors manufactured from safety glass and adjustable shelves.

This smart design fulfilled several of the needs described by the end users, offering at-a-glance access to different enzymes and flavours while keeping the work surface clear and maximising the use of space.

Laboratory Services

At the time of the original APMG site survey, the services were expected to rise through the floor. This changed after the lab furniture design had been submitted. However, the experienced design team quickly adapted the plan to accommodate the high-level services via extra service columns which house the power poles.

APMG designed and manufactured the lab furniture for Japanese enzyme manufacturer’s EMEA HQ.
The service spine for the benching runs beneath the reagent shelving in this project.

The service spine for the benching runs beneath the reagent shelving. It has removable access panels to the underside which future-proof the system. This design allows easy access for maintenance and the retrofit of more services as they become needed.

Balance Benches

Because Amano requires absolute accuracy in its research, development and analysis, it uses electronic analytical balances. The laboratory features a separate area with two balance benches, also called anti-vibration tables. These heavy benches dampen any vibration, oscillation, and disturbance which could otherwise resonate through the floor and affect sensitive equipment such as microscopes and balances.

The heavy benches used within this lab furniture project dampens any vibration, oscillation, and disturbance which could otherwise resonate through the floor and affect sensitive equipment such as microscopes and balances.
Each of these 750mm APMG balance benches is weighted with 600mm x 600mm x 200mm of concrete ballast for stability.

Each of these 750mm APMG balance benches is weighted with 600mm x 600mm x 200mm of concrete ballast for stability. The frames are fabricated in-house from 60mm x40mm x3mm rolled hollow section mild steel, giving them the added strength required to support the ballast. For added dampening the Trespa® worktops on APMG balance benches are bedded onto the frames with neoprene anti-vibration gaskets, therefore Amano’s scientists can have complete confidence in their measurements.

Bespoke Sinks to Meet Client Specifications

To meet the exacting specification for the sinks, APMG designed bespoke 304-grade stainless steel under-mounted sinks and had them fabricated. 304 stainless steel was chosen because it has excellent corrosion resistance to most oxidizing acids and is easy to sanitize, making it ideal for food applications.

Our experienced technicians engineered the sink benching to accommodate these bespoke sinks and included drainer grooves and edging to contain splashes and spills.

The glass splashbacks behind each sink are practical and add to the feeling of space.

What our client has to say…

“When we work with APMG we have the peace of mind that the product will be of high quality, the service will be professional and friendly, and the installation will be flawless.

“Their flexible attitude has helped on more than one project. For example, there were unforeseen structural challenges on this job which required some redesign for the services. Their design team came up with an ideal solution, reworked the plans without an issue, and couldn’t have been more helpful.

“Amano Enzymes’ philosophy is that the use of enzymes for the improvement of human life is a key principle of biotechnology. Together Total Projects and APMG have completed a successful development which will contribute to its values and its research work. 

“Our client is absolutely delighted that their vision of how their laboratory would look has been brought to life. Just as importantly, the APMG team has delivered an attractive and pleasant working environment which is both functional and practical and supports the lab’s workflows.”

Adam Fontanaz, Project Manager, Total Projects (UK) Ltd