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A Classroom Storage Transformation from APMG

When Brockwell Junior School in Chesterfield, Derbyshire needed a classroom storage transformation, they came to the classroom storage professionals. The APMG design team is renowned for its school furniture solutions. They were in their element when the request for smart storage that reflects the lively atmosphere of the school arrived.

Providing a classroom where children are stimulated and can concentrate is key. The head teacher, Mrs Holmes, was clear that the storage needed to be tough and long-lasting. It had to enhance the learning environment. And, to clear the clutter, it had to have TARDIS-like capacity…

Vibrant Classroom Storage

Children come first at Brockwell, and the well-being of each child is at the heart of everything the school achieves.

APMG’s designers complemented this ethos by injecting their design with the school colours of blue and grey – and infusing it with a little fun.

Clearing the Clutter

And here is the result. The before and after photos certainly show that clutter is banished. There are bundles of storage – every teacher’s dream. And our skilled designers even managed to squeeze in so much useful space that in several classrooms, there’s actually room to spare! Not for long, we’re sure, but nonetheless, we spy some empty shelves.

The storage walls incorporate colour and texture in the tough MDF doors. The school uniform is reflected in the blue tones which unite the design. And the blue-grey panels feature a twill-style surface grain which is designed to look like denim.

Putting the Fun in Functional

This clever classroom storage ensures no space is wasted. It reaches to the ceiling and the top lockers have auto-stay hinges to make it easy to pack everything in.

A variety of different Gratnell storage trays make the most of the available space too. These handy drawers will keep teaching essentials close to hand but tucked out of sight.

In addition, the new sink units offer functional classroom storage as well. As a result, there are no distractions from learning.

APMG Classroom Storage Expertise

Every APMG design is deceptive in its simplicity. However, behind the scenes our designers are using their experience, adding in specialised detail to ensure the client’s brief is fully met.

For Brockwell, all the units are 550 mm deep. We engineered a small void behind the base units to accommodate pipes and wiring.

The teaching staff wanted to get close to the screens. Therefore, in the classroom storage systems where screens are located, the units are stepped back to 300 mm deep.

In one classroom the boiler unit is next to a sink. We housed this, allowing for all the pipework – can you spot which unit it is?

All units feature soft close hinges – no slamming doors here – and the upper units have flip up, soft close doors.

Of course, this isn’t the first vibrant storage system we’ve designed. We have decades of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of school furniture. Check out the rainbow of APMG school storage lockers over in Sheffield too.

Everybody loves them!

Happy clients, happy teachers and happy students is what we aim for with every school project, large or small. We’re delighted with the response from Catherine Holmes, Head Teacher at Brockwell Junior School:

‘Two years ago, we replaced an antiquated cupboard with an APMG storage system. It was designed especially for us, to perfectly fit the space. Such a seemingly simple fix has transformed the previously overcrowded area into a neat and tidy teaching space for small groups.

‘As this first scheme was such a success when it was time to upgrade the rest of our storage, we invited APMG to do further designs.

‘I wanted to give our teaching team lots of easily accessible space to keep all their resource materials safe and organised. Creating a modern and practical space that allows us to sustain a clean environment was such an improvement. With these storage walls it really is so simple to find everything. Everybody loves them!

‘Every classroom is a different shape, with pipes, services and even boilers to accommodate. The design team took all this into account for each room. Consequently, the systems fit like a glove.

‘The feedback from staff and students alike is that the new storage systems have brightened the classrooms and ensured all rooms are well organised. Given how substantial they are, we expect them to last for many, many years to come.’

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