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Colourful School Science Lab for Backwell School’s Newbuild

This bright, bespoke school science lab furniture has proved perfect for a Bristol high school’s new labs and prep room.

Backwell School chose the eye-catching blue to align with the school’s signature colour. Designed, manufactured and quality checked at APMG’s factory in Manchester, these long-lasting units were fitted by our experienced installation team.

The tough APMG fitted furniture is for three new school labs. These are situated above the newbuild sports hall and fitness suite completed by Collinson Construction. In addition to the labs, APMG has also fitted out the science prep room.

APMG can supply sturdy, made-to-measure school furniture in an extensive range of colours to reflect corporate branding – just speak to our friendly team.

New School Science Classroom

Backwell’s long-lasting new school science lab furniture is designed to meet the needs of students and teachers. The fixed perimeter benching has all the storage a science teacher could ask for. (We’ve even sneaked some under the service pedestals for good measure.)

Our robust school tables are positioned around the service pedestals but can be moved as required to reconfigure the space. This approach accommodates different teaching styles and student activities.

Find out more about our tough school science lab furniture here.

School Service Pedestals & Lab Safety

While our tables can be moved, the same cannot be said for our school science lab service pedestals. They are going nowhere! Our designers know that tables are likely to be rammed into them. Therefore, we have engineered our service pedestals with lab safety in mind.

Unlike most pedestals, which have an MDF plinth, here at APMG our pedestals are uniquely designed with a 2 mm thick, fully welded steel plinth. This steel plinth is securely is anchored to the floor. It is polyester powder coated to resist corrosion and match the benching plinths.

CLEAPSS guidance identifies movable service pedestals and science benches as a potential hazard. Services could become detached and cause damage to health and facilities. It recommends that teachers and science technicians check their benches for signs of movement*.

Long-Lasting School Science Lab Fitted Furniture

We engineer performance into every APMG project.

Our experienced design team recommends the hard-wearing Trespa® range of worktops for school science labs. As a result, Backwell School’s labs and prep room all benefit from high-impact and wear-resistant Trespa® TopLab®BASE. This is ideal for worktops in educational applications where severe use and frequent cleaning is expected.

We use larger, thicker steel sections for our benching and tables than many furniture makers. Due to this, APMG’s steelwork has industry-leading levels of strength, load-bearing capacity and longevity.

School Prep Room Furniture

The prep room is at the heart of school science activities, and we would never forget the home of the Science Technician.

For Backwell School’s prep room furniture we incorporated the all-important storage, along with wall mounted spur shelving. APMG has a wide range of functional fitted furniture for a clutter-free, pleasant prep room working environment.

Custom Colour for School Science Labs

APMG has its own in-house powder coating department. As such, an extensive selection of RAL colours is available for steelwork, handles, service boxes, coat hooks, etc.. If you want to perfectly match to your school’s branding, or you simply want to add a pop of colour to your classrooms, just ask our friendly team.

Collaborative Working with Collinson Construction

Collinson Construction creates high-performing buildings for the sports and leisure, industrial, education and commercial sectors. APMG was delighted to work with their professional teams to deliver this high-quality project on time and to budget. This is what they had to say…

“This design and build project for Backwell School called for a premium finish. APMG has delivered long-lasting, good-looking school furniture that meets this standard and will stand the test of time.

“The APMG team had the expertise to incorporate practical design features into the furniture and the flair to produce great colour matches. The school is delighted with the finished science labs and prep room.

“From design to installation, the whole APMG team couldn’t have been more helpful. We look forward to working with them again.”

Rob Duxbury, Managing Director at Collinson Construction

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Check Your Service Pedestals!

Visit the CLEAPSS website  for guidance on lab safety and rocking benches.

Photography by Robert Mills Photography