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Published on 22nd July 2019

Backward Inclined Plastic Fans for Pharma

By Louise Barnes

Two large BI plastic fans have left APMG’s Manchester factory and headed for Hertfordshire. There, these powerful backward inclined fans will form part of the extract system for a pharmaceutical drug research and process chemistry application.

If you thought APMG was simply high-quality laboratory and school furniture and safe and compliant fume cupboard ranges, think again. APMG’s Plastics division designs and manufactures long-lasting fans, fume scrubbers and ductwork – we can offer a one-stop extract system shop for your project.

These two giant direct-drive BI plastic fans have a Ø 1000 mm inlet, PVC GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) casings and polypropylene impellers. They are designed to be roof mounted as they form part of a fume cupboard extract system.

The fans’ reinforced casings will provide additional strengthening to handle high system resistances. Their polypropylene impellers are better suited than steel impellers to handle the types of corrosive fumes the fans will be extracting.

All APMG Plastics fans are manufactured in our factory in Manchester by our skilled fabricators.  They come with anti-vibration mounts as standard – this style of mount contributes to quieter running and a longer life for the fan. The APMG BI-Series of backward inclined centrifugal fans is recommended for light or medium-duty applications.

Just speak to our friendly team to find out more, a sales engineer is always on hand to discuss your requirements and provide a full technical specification and quotation. Tell us your application and we can advise and ensure you have the correct system for your project.