Our Design Process

From the most ergonomic layout of our high-quality off-the-shelf products to bespoke laboratories and schoolrooms, APMG’s creative design team is experienced in delivering solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. We work with end users to bring their ideas to life, with architects to finesse design practicalities and with building contractors who trust us to deliver what they need, when they need it.

APMG’s highly-skilled designers are fluent in 3D CAD modelling and can seamlessly integrate systems and services into your building design using REVIT software for data rich BIM-compatible modelling.

With our long experience designing labs and classrooms for every sector and discipline we know what makes a practical and inspiring working and learning environment. We understand how to use space and our extensive selection of product designs and colour palettes ensures you can achieve precisely the result you envisaged.

Even our fume cupboards, CLEAPSS G9 compliant and fully type-tested to meet BS EN 14175 for excellent levels of fume containment, can be customised to match your laboratory colour scheme.

APMG’s comprehensive range of corrosion resistant fans for fume cupboard and industrial extract systems has also been designed in-house. Using its many years of experience, our technical design team works with architects, engineers and specifiers to ensure APMG supplies the most suitable and appropriate fan, ducting and fume scrubber for each project.

“I'm extremely pleased with 'my new lab'. You've been consistently helpful, friendly and accommodating. As someone who knew nothing about how to go about this, I'm particularly grateful for the time you've spent explaining things, drawing and re-drawing, quoting and re-quoting...it's made my job much easier! ”
Design - REVIT Lab design render
Locker render by one of our design engineers
Locker design brought to life in APMG's factory
Design - render for H-Series centrifugal fan

In-house manufacture for guaranteed quality and production schedule control.


Our time-served installation teams ensure a professional finish to your project.


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