Venturi Fume Scrubber

A Venturi fume scrubber is ideal for use where very small (1 – 5 µ) or sub-micron (0.05 – 0.9 µ) particulates must be removed from the air stream. High pressure drops (1 Kpa – 12.5 Kpa) are required and the smaller the particulate the higher the pressure drop. 

Based on decades of practical experience, we are able to supply a range of Venturi fume scrubber designs. Speak to our friendly team of experienced designers. They will advise which Venturi is appropriate for your needs.

Venturi fume scrubber

This style of fume scrubber is suited to processes where the condensation of liquids or metallic vapours occurs. It is also appropriate for when chemical reactions result in the formation of a fine fume, for example ammonium chloride.

All our wet scrubbers are manufactured by time-served craftsmen in our Manchester-based factory.

Operating Principles

A Venturi fume scrubber consists of an external venture section and a separator. Gas and liquid streams are accelerated through the Venturi throat. As a result, the particulates and scrubbing liquor agglomerate into droplets of sufficient size to be separated from the stream by the separator.

A major advantage of this type of unit is its simplicity. It has no internal devices that can block.


APMG designs, manufactures and installs an extensive range of ductwork and vent fittings. These are fabricated in-house to complement our ranges of corrosion resistant extract fans.

All pipework is manufactured to meet HVAC DW/154 Specification for Plastics Ductwork. This is the premier specification for PVC and PP-S ducting.

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Venturi fume scrubber

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