University Labs

At APMG we’re excited by the design and delivery of a vibrant university lab. University laboratories are unique – the spaces must provide stimulating, lively learning and teaching environments and professional, engaging research environments; to attract curious minds they must be innovative. A great university lab enables structured and informal interaction and gives the flexibility to adapt to changing teaching and research approaches and tools.  

There are simple design rules: Reagent shelves are either not included or are kept to a single shelf height to preserve the sight lines between students and supervisors. University teaching labs typically consist of doubled sided benches laid out in either islands or peninsulas throughout the room.

Our cantilever system is flexible and cost-effective and our fixed pedestal system is economical. Our mobile benches with only the service spines fixed in place will future-proof your space for you. But rules are made to be broken, and if you need something a little different just ask us and let our design ninjas amaze you!

APMG’s robust lab benching systems are manufactured in-house and use steelwork that offers industry-leading levels of strength and longevity. We can recommend precisely the right worktop for you, drawing on our extensive experience with scratch resistant and chemical resistant surfaces.

For university research labs the design variations are limitless and we create a personalised laboratory to suit the nature of your work. We’ve designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of university labs and we know which layouts work and, just as importantly, which don’t.

Whichever university lab you need we know there has never been a lab designed with enough storage – unless, of course, it’s an APMG lab. Everything is manufactured at our modern facility in Manchester which gives us the design and production freedom to create smart storage for your precise needs – just tell us your challenge and we’ll design you a solution.

University lab Chemistry department with fume cupboards and vented cabinets
University labs - Chemistry lab with fixed pedestal lab benching system
University labs with Iroko worktops and Airform fume cupboards
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