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At APMG we know that science and engineering breakthroughs are powered by people.

We design strong, resilient, flexible research lab furniture that enhances productivity, that stimulates curious minds, that promotes engagement and collaboration. We listen to lab users to ensure our research labs give them the best environment to innovate and to discover. 

A portfolio of successful research labs

APMG has wealth of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of the high-level laboratories of the future.

Our broad portfolio of successful research labs includes high-profile commercial organisations, government laboratories and agencies.

We count the National Physical Laboratory, the Environment Agency, the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory, Rothampstead Research and Aldermaston among our satisfied clients. Contact us to find out what we can do for you..

Tough research lab furniture

Our research lab furniture is designed to accommodate accelerating digital requirements. We’re the supplier of choice for so many organisations because our labs are strong on design and manufactured from quality materials. They are long-lasting, resilient and flexible enough to accommodate the equipment each research lab demands.

APMG’s robust lab benching systems are manufactured in-house. Because we only use quality materials, our steelwork offers industry-leading levels of strength and longevity.

With our extensive experience with scratch resistant and chemical resistant surfaces, we can recommend precisely the right worktop for your application.

The APMG design team understands the importance of practical, accessible storage. As a result, our innovative reagent shelving designs offer a number of standard and tailored options to keep your lab tidy. We even have a flexible design that allows both height adjustment and the removal of the shelves.

We’ll always go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. Click here to find out how we work hard to accommodate our clients’ needs when we install a new lab.

Contact us to find out how we can support your research project. Download one of our helpful guides to laboratory furniture and accessories using the buttons below.

Research lab furniture with cantilever benching, reagent shelving and mobile storage units for flexibility
Research lab furniture with pedestal benching designed to optimise space
Research lab furniture with fixed pedestal benching and Airform fume cupboards
Research lab furniture with cantilever benching, 3 tier reagent shelving, mobile units with inset handles
Research lab furniture with cantilever benching, spur shelving and mobile storage units

Creative design, quality manufacture, professional installation.


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