Lab Benching Systems

One of the many advantages of APMG’s lab benching is that it’s all one interchangeable, flexible range. It easily mixes and matches pedestal and cantilever system lab furniture components. 

Because our moveable cupboards and lab tables can be used in conjunction with both systems, you can fully optimise the flexibility of your lab. Just as with every cupboard we make, APMG’s movable cupboards and lab tables can be manufactured to standard and non-standard sizes. 

And we only use quality materials – you won’t find any chipboard in APMG lab benching. Due to our high standards, our labs are not only long-lasting, they are cost-effective too.

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Lab Benching Options

Our pedestal laboratory benching system features a range of robust units that are floor-mounted. Because the worktop is supported by the cupboards, it’s a tough, load bearing option . It gives you a lot of lab for your budget!

Our cantilever system is either fixed to a solid wall with a steel T-bar or uses a C-frame for support. This flexible model features suspended cupboards that can be easily removed or added to. Consequently, you have the option to flex your lab’s configuration. And because the cupboards are suspended, they are easy to clean beneath – perfect for hygiene-critical settings.

Contact us to discuss your lab layout and we will guide you to the very best lab benches for your application.

Industry-Leading Levels of Strength and Longevity

We strongly recommend you check the quality of steel used to build your lab benches and tables. It directly impacts load bearing capacity. APMG’s steelwork offers industry-leading levels of strength and longevity.

Our cantilever leg frame construction is from a mix of 60 x 40 mm and 40 x 40 mm steel box sections. We insist on 3 mm thick walls with fully welded joints. The front rail and the support rails for the removable back panels are manufactured from our proprietary aluminium extrusions.

We electrostatically coat the legs and extrusions of our lab furniture with a durable polyester powder finish. Ask us about the extensive range of colours we offer to support your branding and add a pop of personality to your lab.

The Importance of Worktops

Choosing a worktop that’s suitable for your application is also key to the longevity of your lab. We only use top quality materials and we recommend Trespa® solid grade laminate because it’s resilient and hard-wearing.

We also have considerable expertise in machining and invisible jointing Velstone work surfaces. This high-end solid surface material is non-porous. As a result, scratches and stains can be easily removed and accidental damage is repairable.

We understand the importance of stain vs scratch and wear resistance. We look at the chemicals and the types of apparatus likely to be used. As a result, we match functionality with design, budget and timescales. Ask us what would be best for your application.

Lab Bench Storage

APMG’s moveable storage cupboards are typically mounted on laboratory grade lockable castors for easy re-positioning. We can also add a Trespa® worksurface to your mobile cupboards. As a result they can become mobile workstations which increase your working space.

Alternatively, cupboards can be supplied with individual plinths or can be suspended from the cantilever frame using integral hangers.

We manufacture a range of standard and bespoke adjustable height tables and benches. These rise and fall worktops offer a cost-effective, disability-friendly lab layout.

Lab Shelving

Reagent shelving is one of the unsung heroes of lab design. It gives a lab at-a-glance storage which keeps work surfaces clutter-free. We have a range of options – check them out.

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University labs - Chemistry lab with fixed pedestal lab benching system
Service bollard with loose tables for easy reconfiguration of lab benching
Lab benching - adjustable height table

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