Airform Fume Cupboard

Robustly built, fully featured Airform fume cupboards provide a reliable and safe working environment. The Airform range has been independently tested to the European fume cupboard standard BS EN 14175 (Part 3: Type test methods). EN 14175 supersedes the BS7258 standard which the Airform range of fume cupboards also meets. 

Airform standard widths, External/Internal (mm): 1200/920, 1500/1220, 1800/1520, 2000/1720.

Depth, External/Internal (mm): 932/680, (internal depth measured from sash to baffle)

Height: 2380 mm (+ optional infill panel)

All these features as standard with the Bench Mounted model:

  • Internal chamber height of 1300 mm.
  • Control panel with digital airflow read out, visible and audible low air flow alarm.
  • Remotely controlled mechanical sash height stop.
  • Solid grade laminate lining (Trespa® ToplabBASE).
  • Adjustable spring loaded PVC sash guides for smooth movement.
  • 6 mm thick toughened glass sash.
  • Removable two piece baffle for cleaning.
  • Sash cords and weights accessible for routine inspections.
  • 316 grade stainless steel hinged sill.
  • 4 power sockets as standard.
  • Water and gas outlets by Watersaver, Brownall or Broen.
  • Choice of vented metal or MDF Under-bench storage cupboards.

Fume cupboard options:

  • Liner materials: polypropylene, cast epoxy, stainless steel, Trespa® Toplab Vertical.
  • Worktop materials: polypropylene, Trespa® Toplab, stainless steel.
  • Polycarbonate sash.
  • Rear mounted fume scrubber.
  • Removable matching infill panels to ceiling height to hide ductwork connection.
  • Variable Air Volume control system for energy efficiency.
  • Exterior panels coated in a colour of your choice.

Fume cupboard fans & ductwork

For our Airform fume cupboard range we recommend our E-Series or G-Series plastic centrifugal extract fans, depending on the application and venting arrangements. Contact us for more information on this and on our corrosion-resistant ductwork.

Stay safe – Service & maintenance

We provide full service and maintenance packages for our Airform fume cupboards, and for most other makes and models of fume cupboard.

COSHH regulations require that fume cupboards should be tested at least every 14 months.

During our servicing visit highly trained, DBS-checked test engineers ensure that each fume cupboard, fume extract system and fan is completely fit for purpose. They test to BS EN 14175 and CLEAPSS G9 as appropriate. Contact us for details.

Fume cupboard type-testing

APMG has both the in-house expertise and the cutting-edge testing rig to check the containment performance of almost any make and model of fume cupboard.

Our equipment is designed to exceed the type-testing criteria specified in BS EN 14175. As a result, you have added assurance that our fume cupboards perform to the recommended standard. We can also test on-site at your location.

APMG Airform fume cupboards customised with corporate colour
Fume cupboard to the right is constant volume with bypass grill, remainder are low energy VAV fume cupboardsFume cupboard to RHS is constant volume with bypass grill, remainder low energy VAV fume cupboards
University labs with Iroko worktops and Airform fume cupboards

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