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Portchester Community School’s Resilient Lab Furniture – Old and New!

APMG is renowned for its tough, hardwearing products. And when we say we make high quality, long-lasting school science lab furniture, we’re not kidding. Just ask Portchester Community School near Portsmouth. The teaching team there is so impressed with the hard-wearing lab furniture we fitted for them 15 years ago, that they asked us to design, manufacture and install the furniture for four more! The original lab furniture is still going strong, despite everything a secondary school’s science students can throw at it.

In addition, the school has used our colour expertise to reflect their school themes in the new furniture. We have sprayed the steel table frames in the lively shade of violet they chose to match the colour of their uniform and logo. 

Lab Furniture Made in 2006 and Still Looking Good

The original APMG lab was installed 16 years ago. Despite a few scratches and dings, it has withstood the test of time – and students!

Our team was delighted to see how good it looks – and how functional it still is. APMG only uses high-quality materials to manufacture its fitted furniture, and the longevity of this lab demonstrates how cost-effective this approach can be.

Portchester Community School’s Vibrant New Science Labs

The Community School has had four labs upgraded with a full makeover and new lab furniture. It was keen to include one of its uniform signature colours in its bright new facilities.

APMG has its own in-house steel manufacturing shop and powder-coating department. This capability means we can offer a virtually unlimited choice of colours. The school chose Signal Violet, and we sprayed the table frames we fabricated – and the service boxes – in this shade.

Our style is coordinated school science lab furniture, and we like to go the extra mile. So, because we have the in-house expertise, we also powder coated the sash grip on the mobile fume cupboard we supplied. We’re good like that.

Portchester Community School Inclusion   

Portchester Community School is a diverse and inclusive school, and its vision is for its students to be Successful, Confident and Responsible.

The school was very clear that each lab needed a bay fitted with a rise and fall sink unit and a rise and fall desk with services.

This height-adjustable furniture offers equality of access for wheelchair users. This is key to the school’s ethos of ensuring every pupil has the same learning opportunities, and assists it with compliance with The Equality Act 2010.

Tough Lab Benching 

The original lab and the new ones feature a perimeter benching system and fixed tables. The service spine which delivers power and gas runs under the tables. As a result, the students have more workspace.

The worktops are Trespa® TopLab®BASE. It’s perfectly suited to a school lab environment where severe use and frequent cleaning is anticipated, and impact resistance is of great importance. Given that it has withstood 16 years in such a challenging environment, why change a winning formula?

What our client has to say…

“Portchester Community School delivers quality teaching and learning for all members of the community, from Childcare to Adult Learning.

“We have a lovely school campus that has been enhanced by the recent investment in our Science facilities. The vibrant new labs definitely have the wow factor. They will give our students the opportunity to achieve and enjoy their learning.

“The team at APMG worked with us on the colours for the lab, and our teachers and students are all delighted with the bright new facilities.

“A school is a very demanding environment for the furniture. We’ve had a very positive experience with APMG’s lab furniture – 15 years on it’s still doing its job and manages to look good too. We’re very confident the latest labs will be just as resilient and last every bit as long as our original ones.”

Richard Carlyle, Head Teacher, Portchester Community School