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New Labs for Medical Research Breakthroughs

KalVista Pharmaceuticals’ new labs combine a safe, light, energising work environment with an ergonomic layout. Great design can promote staff well-being and enhance productivity. KalVista was keen to incorporate this for its teams. The APMG creative team developed the brief and delivered modern, fresh, hard-wearing labs designed to be practical and pleasant to work in.

New Labs for a Leading R&D Company

KalVista specialises in the research and development of innovative new treatments for diseases with unmet need. Its purpose-built laboratories are housed in its facility in Salisbury, UK.

The company was looking for great design to deliver its vision for its new labs. The team selected a clean, grey colour palette or the lab furniture. We complemented this with contemporary brushed stainless-steel handles.

Our design team protected the work areas surrounding the sinks by using toughened glass splash backs. As a result, they added to the feeling of spaciousness within the lab.

Long-Lasting Benching

APMG’s sturdy pedestal benching system is extremely robust. Due to this, we recommended it for the chemistry lab. The amount of large fixed equipment to be used there called for static units.

Because the instrumentation and biology labs needed more flexibility, APMG’s cantilever benching system was installed. Combined with the fully mobile under bench cupboards, the system future-proofs the labs. The layout can be flexed to accommodate changing requirements.

APMG has its own steel workshop. It manufactures all its steel framework in-house, consequently, it can fully control quality.

Industry-leading levels of steelwork strength and longevity make APMG lab furniture robust enough to support heavy bench-mounted equipment.

Our cantilever leg frame construction is from a mix of 60 x 40 mm and 40 x 40 mm steel box sections. We insist on 3 mm thick walls with fully welded joints. The front rail and the support rails for removable backpanels are manufactured from our proprietary aluminium extrusions.

The New Labs’ Worktops

APMG recommended tough Trespa ToplabPLUS® worktops throughout the new labs. These hard wearing surfaces have excellent chemical resistance properties and will keep the labs fit for purpose and looking good.

Smart Storage

Attention has been paid to every detail. We’ve even designed special drawer inners to offer smart storage solutions so the surfaces stay clutter-free. Manufactured by our plastic fabrication team, they precisely meet the dimensions of KalVista’s delicate equipment to store it safely.

The Result

Another multi-lab project designed, manufactured and installed to brief. Happy, satisfied clients, happy, productive lab teams and a happy APMG. Plus, another testimonial for our quality products and our helpful, professional team.

If you’re looking for new lab furniture, contact us to discuss how we can create the perfect lab for you.