Smarter Storage Solutions from APMG

No lab or classroom ever has enough storage. Unless, of course, it’s an APMG lab or classroom.

With APMG creating your project you don’t need to put up with that tangle of equipment. Just contact our design team for something clever and practical to meet your particular storage needs. We can create a home for the most bulky, awkward, fragile or just plain plentiful items. And with our own in-house furniture manufacture and plastic fabrication departments we can make the perfect smart storage solution for you.

Smart Storage Solutions for Labs

Laboratories are just one area where we deliver creative, ergonomic, smart storage to deal with everyday headaches. Is your glassware at risk of chipping and breaking every time you tidy it away? Our neat drawer inserts can be sized to accommodate virtually any shape and size of glass container. Let us help you eliminate costly breakages and keep them all safe and out of harm’s way when they’re not required. We even created angled drawer units to solve one client’s dilemma.

Are your retort stands refusing to fit into your cupboard? Try our simple stepped storage arrangement and store more than twice as many stands in the same space. Bunsen burners tying themselves up in knots? Check out the images to see our cunningly simple solution for that.

Art Room and DT Storage

Art rooms are an area where we’re well versed in offering portfolio and drawing board storage racks and plan chests for a clutter-free, creative environment. We’ll even sneak lockable tool cabinets under design technology benches if you let us.

It’s not only the internal aspects of storage we get right. Click here to see how we brought a sense of fun to the everyday school locker in Sheffield. And here for bright and practical storage in a junior school in Derbyshire.

We love colour and we’re happy to help you incorporate it into your project in the most appropriate way for you.

Going that extra mile and getting the small details right is something that sets an APMG project apart. Contact us and ask our design team to create an efficient smart storage system for your needs.

Smart laboratory storage with angled drawer and bespoke stepped plastic drawer inner
School art room furniture - plan chest
School art room furniture - portfolio board racks

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Commercial, university and school labs, fume cupboards, fans, ductwork and fume scrubbers.


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