Phased laboratory installation keeps work flowing

Our client needed a new lab but couldn’t fully vacate the space. APMG’s staged manufacture and phased laboratory installation solution allowed the team to keep on top of its workload with minimum disruption.

Product development work couldn’t be interrupted and there was no alternative location for the lab specialists to continue their work. The project to install the new lab was divided into two phases. The full lab was decanted into one half of the space while the other half was efficiently and professionally installed by APMG’s time-served installation team. The process was then repeated for the second phase.

The team took a flexible approach to ensure as little inconvenience as possible to the lab technical team. APMG’s units are all manufactured in-house in its Manchester factory, so production was flexed and deliveries to site were made on a ‘Just in Time’ basis due to limited storage space.

The installation team respected the working environment of the scientists and operated quickly and effectively to accomplish a successful build.

APMG’s technical design team meticulously created the new lab to deal with the specialist liquids being processed and the execution of the project was completed on time, to brief and to budget.

The result: another delighted client with a fully fit-for-purpose work space and a very happy lab team.

New technical lab with Trespa worktops, reagent shelving and corporate blue accents
Lab specialist using new technical lab
New technical lab with flexible mobile units and reagent shelving with power outlets
New technical lab with sink and Trespa worktop engineered with draining grooves, and reagent shelving power outlets

What our client said about this project...

“APMG proved to be a good choice of supplier. They worked in tandem with our building contractor and timed each stage of the process to give us a bespoke new laboratory which is very much fit for the future. There are always snags to deal with and the team from APMG always provided as quick and easy a solution as possible. We are very satisfied with the quality of the lab benching system and we are pleased with the final result.”

Paul Littley, Executive Manager Research & Development, Fuchs Lubricants (UK) plc

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