The recipe for the perfect cookery school

Looking for the perfect recipe for a cheery, practical, long-lasting food technology area? So was King’s Hall School, a top independent school in Somerset. With King’s Hall’s focus on healthy lifestyles, APMG provided an inspirational setting for their pupils to acquire some additional life skills…

A leading Pre-Prep and Prep school for around 320 girls and boys from 2 to 13 years old, King’s Hall was keen to add an exciting new cookery school to its existing facilities. APMG’s design team jumped at the chance to inject a shot of colour into the space, ensuring a fun and stimulating learning environment for its students.

Intelligent design focuses on safety and makes the most of the available space. Every bay has its own bright signature colour and contains an electric hob and oven. To keep these aspiring cooks safe, the Neff induction hobs only heat when there is cookware placed on them and the heat dissipates as soon as the hob is switched off. The ovens feature ‘Bake Off’ style slide and hide doors, safely stowing away when the oven is being accessed to optimise space and avoid accidents.

As it isn’t adversely affected by moisture, high-quality Trespa® TopLab®BASE is used for the worktops – ideal for food technology areas where heavy use and frequent cleaning is expected. With its excellent impact resistance even the most heavy-handed cook will struggle to make a dent in this!

APMG’s team has a wealth of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of furniture for education. A bespoke apron rack and plenty of storage helps the food technology bays stay clutter free, allowing the budding chefs to concentrate on their cooking.

Care has been taken to colour co-ordinate the cooking utensils to each bay, ensuring that any equipment that loses its way can be easily assigned back to its own area. This meticulous attention to detail is just one of the ways they’re adding a sprinkle of fun into the lessons.

This vibrant, happy space has been designed with hard-wearing, quality materials to provide a motivating learning experience. The smiling faces of the pupils definitely shows they approve of the finished result.

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