Croda Returns to APMG for More Tough Lab Furniture

In 2020 APMG designed, manufactured, and installed quality fitted lab furniture for Croda International’s new laboratory at Sci-Tech Daresbury. Following the success of this tough, ergonomic furniture system, the APMG lab specialists have completed a second project for Croda as it expands its presence at the prestigious science park.

Croda set up the first new laboratory to relocate its Biotechnology R&D specialists, who were previously based at its nearby manufacturing site in Widnes. This practical second lab builds on the success of the first, enabling it to scale up its biotechnology capability.


Croda’s Flexible Lab Furniture

Croda’s new lab has tough fixed perimeter and peninsula benching. This solid lab benching benefits from a hollow section steel frame and can take very heavy equipment.

The practical reagent shelving will keep the work surfaces free of clutter while storing all the researchers’ necessities close to hand. The middle shelf is easily removable. As a result, apparatus can be moved around the lab and accommodated at any workstation.

A host of mobile drawer units and cupboards can be neatly stowed under the lab benching. Smooth-move, lockable casters mean when they’re needed elsewhere, they can be quickly and easily transferred.

This modular approach and flexibility of function is no accident. It has been designed in to allow personnel to reconfigure their workspaces and storage whenever task or workflow demand.

Tough Trespa® Worktops

Hygiene, avoidance of contamination, and safety are key in this biotech research environment. Therefore, the APMG specialists selected Trespa® TopLab®PLUS for the worktops.

TopLab®PLUS is developed specifically for the most demanding functional and scientific applications. It has excellent resistance to most aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents; is durable; impact resistant; not to mention scratch and wear resistant.

Design Flair for Croda from the APMG Team

The design team at APMG have a wealth of experience and creativity. They have created a clinical, easy-clean lab environment. It features white Trespa® with black accents in the worktop edging and the reagent shelving.

The light, bright, carefully laid out space is easy to move around in and will accommodate changing workflows.

What our client has to say…

“This further expansion significantly increases Croda’s biotechnology laboratory footprint in the UK. Importantly, it provides a dedicated site to further develop initiatives and give rise to future generations of sustainable products.

“Our team is very happy with our first APMG lab. The fitted furniture is practical and hard-wearing, and the layout suits our needs. In this second project their lab furniture design team added new features, such as the removeable shelving. They collaborated closely with us to ensure our latest lab will meet our requirements now and in the future.

“We’re looking forward to moving in and further developing our novel and sustainable ingredients for our customers. And when we need lab number three, we’ll be talking to APMG again.”

Dr Timothy Miller, PhD
Research and Technology Manager – Biotechnology R&T
Croda Europe Ltd

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