APMG Labs Popular at Sci-Tech Daresbury

APMG has completed its latest project at Sci-Tech Daresbury, the prestigious science and innovation campus located in Cheshire. Overall, APMG has now designed, manufactured and installed eight labs and three fume cupboards there. The projects were for three companies in Sci-Tech’s new TechSpace One facility.

Sci-Tech Daresbury – TechSpace One

TechSpace One provides high quality facilities for growing science and technology companies. Its location in one of the UK’s leading science parks makes it a magnet for the biomedical, materials, process technology, clean technology and instrumentation sectors.

Speciality Chemicals

The most recently completed lab is for global chemical company Croda.

Its Sci-Tech Daresbury site is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of speciality chemicals. Its portfolio spans proteins and carbohydrates, UV protection and biotechnology.

Croda’s lab has tough fixed benching which benefits from a level of flexibility of function. Due to the combination of mobile underbench drawer units and cupboards, personnel can easily reconfigure their workspaces and storage.

Hygiene, avoidance of contamination and safety are key in this environment. Therefore, APMG selected Trespa® TopLab®PLUS for the worktops. It’s developed specifically for the most demanding functional and scientific applications. As such, its hard-wearing qualities made it perfect for Croda.

Molecular Biology

Arcis Biotechnology is a molecular biology company. It focuses on providing fast and convenient nucleic acid sample preparation solutions for its clients.

Its facility in TechSpace One has benefited from five new lab spaces. APMG designed, manufactured and supplied the lab furniture plus a fume cupboard and ductwork system.

Quick turnaround times are a priority for Arcis. APMG has created each lab to support fast-paced workflows to enable it to meet its customers’ expectations.


APMG has also supplied two labs and a fume cupboard for Perfectus Biomed’s TechSpace One location. This leading contract testing laboratory provides standard and customised microbiology testing services to clients in a variety of sectors.

The first lab was installed for Perfectus Biomed 18 months before the second. The company was so satisfied with its performance it came back to APMG when it expanded its Daresbury operation. Its latest bright new lab encompasses media prep, cell, molecular and viral lab areas.

APMG Lab Furniture

‘Our best salespeople are the labs themselves,’ says Chris Brown, Director of APMG’s Furniture & Fume Cupboard division.

‘It’s not always easy to see the quality of manufacture, construction and installation of lab furniture on a website. However, we find that once a potential client has had the opportunity to experience one of our labs close up, then they’ll want to use us too. This is proving to be the case at Daresbury Sci-Tech.’

APMG has a wealth of experience delivering laboratory furniture for commercial applications. For more information, speak to our friendly team or visit our lab furniture page.

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